Australian semiconductor technology closer to commercial use after deal

Australian semiconductor company BluGlass has announced an “exclusive collaboration agreement” with Philips Lighting’s LED unit, exploring specific applications and lasting six to 12 months.

Renew Economy reports that BluGlass’s agreement with Lumileds could bring the Australian firm’s proprietary remote plasma chemical vapour distillation technology closer to commercial uses.

“The significance of this is manifold for BluGlass, we now have the world leading equipment company Veeco and Lumileds, an industry leading device company, working with us during our industry acceptance phase,” a spokeswoman told Renew Economy.

BluGlass’s RPCVD process “grows” semi-conductor materials for high-efficiency electronic products. It manufacturers nitrides used in electronic devices.

Most commercial LEDs are made using metal organic chemical vapour distillation, over which RPCVD is claimed to hold several advantages. (See here.)