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FROM factory floor to consumer's door - Australian made products can compete with anyone, as these finalists in the 2008 Endeavour Award's Australian Consumer Product of the Year category has demonstrated.

FROM factory floor to consumer’s door – Australian made products can compete with anyone, as these finalists in the 2008 Endeavour Award’s Australian Consumer Product of the Year category, sponsored by Burkert Fluid Control Systems, has demonstrated.

BlueAnt Wireless

Product: BlueAnt Z9 Dual Microphone Bluetooth Headset

BLUEANT Wireless designs, manufactures and supplies premium Bluetooth peripheral devices, including the new Z9 Bluetooth headset.

The product’s voice isolation technology is said to provide users with clear communications – even in noisy environments.

The headset uses sophisticated techniques to separate the voice signal from all background noise, enhancing and isolating all frequencies that affect voices coming into and out of the headset and resulting in wind noise reduction and echo cancellation.

Another first is the ability of the user to upgrade the Z9 firmware free via the supplied USB cable from the BlueAnt website. This enables Z9 users to update software when they update their mobile phones.


Product: H2Zero Cube Waterless Urinal

IN an effort to respond to Australia’s diminishing water supplies due to global warming, CaromaDorf has designed the H2Zero Cube Waterless Urinal.

The urinal uses a vitreous china urinal incorporating unique cartridge technology that operates with zero water.

By eliminating the need for chemical oil-based seals used traditionally with waterless urinals, through design innovation, the company has addressed the key challenges associated with waterless urinals, including performance, operation, odour management and waste build-up.

Integral to the cartridge, the Bio Seal provides a one-way air-tight valve that seals the urinal from the drainage system and the simple bowl form allows for ease of cleaning, efficiently focusing urine into the cartridge.

As urine flows into the cartridge and around the Bio Fresh deodorising block, heat from the urine activates a pleasant fragrance. The urine then flows through the Bio Seal valve and into the drainline.

Conservatively, when compared to standard 2L flushing urinals in a typical CBD office tower, the Cube Urinal would save 2.301 million litres of water per annum.

Davies, Craig

Product: Automotive Electric Water Pump & Controller

WITH the price of fuel at record levels, the automotive industry is increasingly focused on ways to reduce fuel usage and reduce emissions.

Improved temperature management by way of advanced electronics, and better temperature management of batteries and electric motors in hybrid and fuel cell vehicles are just some of the ways industry can achieve these aims.

The electric water pump (EWP) from Davies, Craig has been made for use in car engines, located in the lower radiator hose, or on the block, to replace the existing mechanical water pump driven by the engine by way of a pulley and belt.

The electric pump is said to be a better alternative than mechanical pump technology as it is not only designed to weigh less, it is driven by a smart digital controller, and run at a speed dependent on the engine temperature, not the engine speed as occurs now.

These technical advantages have allowed the product to be marketed into the auto performance market and marine applications due to the pump being made from Nylon which does not rust.

Quikstix Australia

Product: Quikstix Clever Beverages

AUSTRALIAN from inception of idea, design, creation and manufacture to materials and ingredients, Quikstix Clever Beverages by Quikstix, have been embraced by the outdoors and camping industries who appreciate the ability to ‘have a cuppa on the go’ and enjoy a plunger quality tea, coffee, hot chocolate, soups etc.

The product’s innovation lies in the design, comprising a liquid-proof paper tube divided into two sections: a micro perforated section containing real ground coffee or premium tea, and the other the handle section, with a tear off end tag, containing all the other ingredients to make the perfect cup of tea/coffee such as sugar and/or whitener.

The micro perforated section allows infusion of coffee grounds, tea or similar infusion type beverages as the stick gives mechanical advantage to the stirring rather than string.

The company says the product also helps to reduce waste, cross contamination and mess.

All ingredients remain fresh, safe and hygienically preserved until use and the handle and packaging of the Quikstix product can be branded for unique marketing opportunities.

Ronstan International

Product: Series 55 Orbit Blocks

THE Series 55 Orbit range evolved out of the company’s project goal to develop the future generation of high-performance blocks for use in small racing sailboats.

The newly developed range consists of 13 different configurations of ball-bearing blocks and seven configurations of ratchet blocks that provide significant improvements in strength, weight, bearings, features and aesthetics.

The new range of ball-bearing blocks incorporate a new bearing system that concentrates the load carrying capability only where required, and together with the new head fitting and use of all composite reinforced polymer materials achieves a no-compromise approach to weight reduction.

The result is said to be the highest strength to weight ratio available in blocks today achieved by engineering out the heavy load straps, head-post, shackle and full length fasteners, and replacing metal components with high tech fibre reinforced polymers.

Wairua Holdings

Product: Double Action Hinge System

A LOCAL manufacturer is helping give Tamworth a name not only for its country music festivals but for its innovative consumer products.

Local rural hardware manufacturer Poplar Pastrol Co, under the trading name of Wairua Holdings, has developed a new way of hinging fences, providing a viable solution for farmers across Australia to safely and efficiently secure paddocks and livestock holding yards.

After attending a series of field days in NZ, the double action hinge system was created after the company identified a need for a hinging system that would allow an opened gate to swing back against a fence.

The Australian manufacturer didn’t think this was an applicable solution for local farming practices and decided it was more efficient to a gate in the same direction that the livestock are travelling.

Tried and tested in a farm environment and through the company’s own experiences, the product has received positive feedback from farmers.

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