Australian manufacturers threatened not to work with Amazon

Australian manufacturers

Australian manufacturers and distributors have reportedly been threatened to be dropped by retailers if they start trading through Amazon.

With Amazon’s Australian debut looming, there has been widespread criticism from Australian retailers, who fear that they will be driven out of business by the online superstore.

According to Channel News, manufacturers and distributors of consumer electronics and appliances have been advised by retailers such as Harvey Norman that they face the threat of being “kicked out” of stores if they start selling to Amazon.

“These are very difficult times for us. On one hand we want to trade with Amazon, but at the same time we are facing the real threat of local retail stores where we have traded for many years,” one local distribution company reportedly told Channel News.

Some distributors are looking to distribute the same products they sell through Harvey Norman to Amazon under a different name, as the result of such treats.

Amazon is expected to launch its flagship retail services in Australia next year, which will likely include groceries, streaming services and household and other consumer goods.


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