Australian laser tag company sets up in Colorado

Laserforce International, a Brisbane based maker of laser tag systems, has chosen the city of Loveland, Colorado as a US manufacturing site.

According to the Reporter-Herald, Laserforce has set up an office next to the  Loveland Laser Tag centre, and LLT’s proprietor has joined Laserforce to head up its US operations.

"We'll have a staff to assemble, test and provide training and operational support for facilities across North America," Loveland Laser Tag’s owner, Jeff Willy, told the Herald.

Willy said the office employed two people currently – repairing vests and making phasers for orders in New Orleans – with an aim to have "three or four" working there when it was fully operational.

This is the first overseas site for Laserforce’s manufacturing.

The company is, according to its website, the “world’s longest serving laser tag company”, and was established in 1987.


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