Australian firm flying high in aircraft electric motor manufacturing

The world's first battery powered plane, the Airbus E-Fan (Wonderful Engineering)

An Australian tech firm, magniX has locally developed and manufactured a prototype high power density electric motor which it hopes will be used in light aircraft in the next few years, according to SBS.

Electric aviation engine technology is still underdeveloped but companies hope that they can reduce greenhouse gas emissions and aircrafts’ fuel bills.

The company currently produces electric motors for aircraft along with NASA, Siemens and Airbus.

MagniX managing director Jason Chaffey said that aviation companies were looking at electrification as the next step in reducing costs. 

“There’s a real push towards electrification and using air travel as a way of transporting things or people from A to B as cities become larger and more congested,” managing director Jason Chaffey said.

“One of the downsides with the airline industry is because planes are emitting greenhouse gases at high altitude there’s an amplifying effect on the environment.

“The number of grams of carbon per mile travelled is something like 100 times that of a car or bus, so from an environmental point of view that’s quite significant.”

Data used from the testing of the prototype motor will be used to develop a model for a light aircraft trial in 2020.

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