Australian company’s X-ray tech could improve UK aviation security

Australian company, Micro-X has signed a contract with the Defence Science and  Technology Laboratory (DSTL) of the UK Ministry of Defence to undertake the first phase of research and development of a lightweight x-ray imaging system for detecting explosives hidden in consumer electronic devices.

Micro-X designs, develops and manufactures a range of innovative, ultra-lightweight, mobile x-ray imaging systems for medical and security applications.

The contract has been awarded by the UK government’s Defence and Security Accelerator, which, working with the UK Department of Transport, is looking for innovative technologies and solutions to improve aviation security.

Under this contract, Micro-X will develop and test a system using a novel combination of x-ray backscatter and conventional projection x-ray imaging to provide a unique high resolution image of consumer electronic devices which might be carried on board passenger aircraft.

The first phase of the contract is for GBP71,900 (AU$133,000) and will run for six months. Micro-X has provided indicative costs for a follow-on second phase which will ready the technology for a future airport trial system.

“This project uniquely combines the technical success we have had both in our lightweight medical projection imaging system and our Backscatter Imager which we demonstrated in the Australian Defence Force’s Counter-IED Task Force last year,” Micro-X’s mangling director Peter Rowland said.


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