Australian businesses lead the world on AI deployments

Large Australian businesses are leading the way on deploying artificial intelligence with two-thirds planning to or currently replace people with computers.

According to 9Finance, a new Infosys report shows that large Australian companies are spending $8 million on automation artificial intelligence (AI) deployment.

Infosys surveyed 1,600 business leaders in companies with more than 1,000 staff and annual revenue over $US500 million, across Australia, the US, UK, France, Germany, China and India.

Infosys regional head of Australia and New Zealand Andrew Groth said that AI raises important ethical questions such as where and when it should be deployed and whether it impacts humanity.

“There are many jobs out there that will be replaced or changed as a result of AI,” Groth said. “It’s taking away many of what could be argued are menial, mundane, frankly boring types of roles.”

The challenge for companies and governments is to re-skill employees so they can participate in the changed workplace, he said.

However, not having enough skilled technicians is one roadblock to Australia reaching its full potential in the AI space.

Australian businesses and organisations are currently deploying AI to complete a number of different tasks including ordering of pharmaceuticals in a hospital, driverless tractors on farms, and the delivery of parcels.

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