Australian Brewery wins export deal with Japan

Craft brewer, The Australian Brewery, has successfully negotiated an export deal with Japan.

The company will have its canned craft beers distributed throughout Japan by its biggest beer importer, Konishi.

According to The Australian Brewery, exporting beer to Japan is notoriously difficult, but the new free trade agreement will see export tariffs lifted and as such, local producers have been clamouring to secure new contracts.

“Exporting to Japan is a big deal for any brewery,” Australian Brewery marketing manager, David Ward said. “Beer accounts for two-thirds of all alcohol consumed.”

Specialising in canned beer, The Australian Brewery was the first craft brewer in Australia to install a canning line and Ward said export markets are becoming more and more interested in smaller, boutique brands.

"We are noticing a real shift in people seeking craft beer both here in Australia and overseas.

"This is a good sign for Australian craft brewers looking to expand into these overseas markets.  Some of us have already dabbled in America, Europe and Asia, with companies such as Coopers, James Squires and others making the shift,” he said.

In September last year the company announced it had secured two distribution deals in India after Austrade India invited The Australian Brewery to supply its product at an Australian Craft Beer promotion in Dehli.

The Australian Brewery Pale Ale and Pilsner will be available in hundreds of outlets across Japan including at supermarkets Kinokuniya and Seijo Ishii.