Australia leads push for women in STEM leadership across Asia

Minister for Industry, Science and Technology, Karen Andrews, announced on June 26 that the Association of Southeast Asian Nations (ASEAN) Women in Innovation Leadership Dialogue will be held as part of the World Economic Forum’s meetings in Asia.

This announcement provides the opportunity for Australian leaders in STEM to connect with their counterparts across the Asia-Pacific. In addition, a preliminary event will be held in Australia later this year.

The federal government will send a selection of science and business leaders to attend the dialogue a connect with individuals who are driving innovation in Australia’s global neighbourhood.

“Delivering renewed focus on the STEM skills pipeline across the region is essential to boosting productivity, growing the economy and creating new jobs,” said Andrews.

Highlighting the lack of women in senior STEM positions, Andrews noted that only 28 per cent of management positions and eight per cent of CEO and executive positions are held by women globally.

Accompanying this announcement is the recent news that CSIRO will support the 16th Gender Summit, to be hosted in Singapore in August.

“This conference builds the knowledge we need to achieve greater gender equity in our world-class science community. It also opens doors to partner with our closest neighbours on the new technologies that will grow our economies and change our lives in the future,” said Andrews.

The federal government also indicated that both of these events provide an opportunity for industry, government and the wider scientific and industrial community to celebrate and support women in industry.

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