Austech 2010 – A positive atmosphere and customers willing to invest

Austech 2010 exceeded all expectations with increased visitor numbers signalling economic recovery.

As one of the largest exhibitors, Advanced Robotic Technology (ART) registered more visitors than at previous Sydney shows, a positive sign for local industry slowly recovering from the crisis, ART Director Peter Nolan said.

“Our innovative purpose-built CNC profile cutting machines on display, including modern automation, tooling and software solutions, attracted a lot of attention from visitors, and we are very pleased with the amount of generated high-quality leads, inquiries and orders placed during the four-day event,” Nolan said.

The Brisbane-based company presented four of its latest model Australian-made CNC profile cutters during Austech 2010, held at the Sydney Showground from 11 to 14 May 2010, including the High Definition Plasma Table series with the newly released “True Hole” technology from Hypertherm in combination with rigid tapping, its popular SMART series of profile cutters, as well as the newly released RT series heavy duty router, which attracted special attention during the show.

“This machine is the heaviest production router manufactured in this country by far, with an extremely rigid drive system and ART’s outstanding Profileshop control system,” Nolan said.

“The RT series will head up the line of innovative equipment and has already received attention from major overseas ship builders and manufacturers.”

Affordable technology

Affordable but reliable profile cutters and accessories designed to increase efficiency at lower overall costs were also a major feature of ART’s stand.

The SMART router XR4800, which was released at the previous Austech show, has been designed for more cost-effective applications in the air conditioning, heating, sign writing, ventilation and ducting industries, as well as many other manufacturing fields. With the capabilities of cutting most materials such as insulated duct board, plastic, wood, aluminium and foam to name a few, the ART SMART router is a complete solution for financially sensitive applications.

The SMART router XR4800 uses Advanced Robotic Technology’s very own ProfileShop controller software. ART ProfileShop is compatible with industry standard G-Code and NC Code, and is also compatible with most tool path generation software.

Nolan explained how ART supports its customers to be more efficient and competitive. “To decrease production time we offer our integrated tool changing system. The 10-tool linear bar allows our routers to complete highly complex jobs, using multiple tools with no user interaction, fast, clean and safe. Along with this, ART had on show its new patented 4th-axis steering system.”

High-performance plasma cutters

ART’s Smart XP for light sheetmetal and plate fabrication and the HDP CNC plasma 7500 profile table were also on display. The HDP CNC plasma is specifically designed for heavy duty manufacturing environments where power, precision, speed, quality, low cost, productivity and durability are demanded by business owners.

Power is supplied by HyPerformance Plasma HPR130XD and HPR 260XD from Hypertherm, combining ultra fast cutting speeds, rapid process cycling and consistent superior quality.

Coupled to the HDP series of high performance cutting tables is Hypertherm’s “True Hole” cutting technology. This advanced technology for mild steel produces significantly better hole quality than what could previously be achieved using plasma.

This is delivered automatically without operator intervention, to produce unmatched plasma hole quality. With a hole quality at such a high standard, the ART HDP series, fitted with the drilling & tapping combination head, can with ease tap directly into the plasma-cut hole. This significantly reduces production times as multiple processes can be carried out on one machine.