Aussie smart diaper technology set to disrupt global markets

Australian smart diaper technology is set to disrupt the international adult and infant diaper markets, using low-cost wearable sensor that can send data from diapers to a smart phone application.

The technology has been developed by Simavita – a global company with offices in North America, Europe and Sydney – which today announced signing its first major marketing contract for the delivery of its products in North America and Europe.

AlertPLUS platform technology, developed by Simavita, is a hyper low cost sensor which forms part of a manufactured diaper. Secured data including urine loss is captured by the sensor and sent to a smart device (phone, tablet or computer) with an App downloaded from the internet.

Simavita’s AlertPLUS sensors form part of the materials used in the manufacturing process  and as are few costs associated with manufacture, costs to the end user are marginal. Apps downloaded are simple to use and require no advanced training.

The sensors also provide a platform for Simavita to develop new applications and to alter existing application, which are available for download via commercially available App Stores.

The agreement, signed between Simavita and four major customers in North America and Europe, is for marketing and sale of infant and adult products incorporating Simavita’s AlertPLUS platform technology and is anticipated to have an aggregate annual product purchase of about $310 million.

Internationally, aged and disability care is growing rapidly and is under massive pressure to cut or preserve costs. In 2018, it is estimated that the global diaper market will reach US$64 billion ($87 billion) and will directly affect over 100 million people daily.

Simavita has developed smart, wearable and disposable sensors that connect mothers and fathers to infants and carers to adults in need of help.