Aussie scientists develop groundbreaking new product

Australian scientists have developed a new material they say could be a game changer for the future of electronics manufacturing.

Researchers at RMIT University and CSIRO say the new conductive nano-material they've developed could help push electronic performance beyond the range of silicon chips.

The new 2D material is made from layers of crystal known as molybdenum oxides, and could allow for the transfer of electrons at much faster rates than is currently possible.

"Quite simply, if electrons can pass through a structure quicker, we can build devices that are smaller and transfer data at much higher speeds,” CSIRO researcher Dr Serge Zhuiykov said in a statement.

"While more work needs to be done before we can develop actual gadgets using this new 2D nano-material, this breakthrough lays the foundation for a new electronics revolution and we look forward to exploring its potential."

Researchers said for the moment the possible applications of the material were unknown, but faster, thinner, and lighter gadgets would be able to be constructed, and new types of electronics may also be able to be developed.