Aussie logs for Aussie jobs, report published

The Australian Parliament’s Agriculture and Water Resources Committee has published its report Aussie logs for Aussie jobs: inquiry into timber supply chain constraints in the Australian plantation sector.

The inquiry considered challenges preventing growth in Australia’s timber industry and investigated potential solutions to issues.

Recommendations included greater investment in forestry research and a voluntary code of conduct for the timber industry to facilitate long-term supply contacts between producers and processors.

Committee chair, Rick Wilson MP, said the ongoing decline in the extent of the domestic plantation estate, and that more needs to be done if the timber industry is to flourish.

“The industry is ripe for innovation and growth. With the appropriate policy settings, the plantation industry may once again have the potential to expand, and indeed thrive,” Wilson said.

He also highlighted the importance of encouraging greater transparency in softwood pricing.

“It is anticipated that such an arrangement would better support the growth of an efficient domestic processing sector, while reducing the risks associated with reliance on export markets for plantation owners,” Wilson said.

The Committee’s report can be found at the inquiry website.

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