Aussie innovation impresses at leading geosynthetics event

Image: Chris Gilbey, CEO, Imagine IM, with the executive team of leading Chinese geotextiles company, Hong Xiang New Geo-Material Co Ltd. (Supplied.)

Chris Gilbey and Phil Aitchison from Imagine Intelligent Materials took a stand at the leading geosynthetics industry event in the USA this week.

The world’s top engineering, manufacturing and installation companies in geosynthetics were at GeoAmericas 2016, held in Miami this year.

Gilbey said, “I was amazed at the level of interest in our imgne X-3 coatings solutions. A lot of the people attending had heard about our licensing agreement with Geofabrics Australia and, as a result of that, came by our stand to find out more.

“I think that we have a really good shot at closing licensing agreements with several of the companies we met with”

What was also interesting was that we appear to have a product solution that is considered by many as a major breakthrough. It just goes to show that Australian science and engineering continues to be at the bleeding edge of innovation.

We think that there is every likelihood that we will need to build a plant in the US and quite probably Europe within the next 12 months to satisfy the demand for functionalised graphene to make our masterbatch products in proximity to our licensees’ manufacturing operations.