Aussie design company achieves record dive

Australian industrial design firm, Design + Industry, was part of the team who developed the cockpit where James Cameron had the control of the submarine at his fingertips for his recent record dive.

[Image, right: Australian manufacturers built the final version. Courtesy of]

Working with Ron Allum's team of the Acheron Project, Design + Industry designed, developed and built many mock ups and prototypes to simulate the cockpit layout.

Working directly with James Cameron, the cockpit layout was optimised within the restricted space for maximum safety, minimal weight, relative comfort and ease of use for the limited time the submarine had when at the base of the Mariana Trench.

The extreme pressures meant the entire cockpit design had to shrink when he reached the tremendous depths and expand during accent.

Nathan Burke, D+I Project Manager, said numerous challenges, including complete fire proofing, condensation management and complex control assemblies, were overcome by using lightweight hi tech materials to configure and house the extensive equipment Cameron needed during his dive "including space for a banana and muesli bar".

For more information on the submarine watch the YouTube video