Aussie company patents high speed, high altitude image stabilisation tech

AUSTRALIAN geospatial imaging R&D firm Spookfish has filed
a patent application centered around image stabilisation technology.

The new patent’s stabilisation technology would allow high
resolution imagery to be captured at high speeds and at extreme altitudes,
claims Spookfish. A camera system attached to a high sped aircraft flying at
extreme altitudes, for example, would be able to capture sub-5cm pixel imagery.

This would allow Spookfish to come a step closer to its aim of enabling
rapid imaging of entire countries in high resolution from a multitude of angles
at a fraction of the cost of contemporary systems.

The advanced technology overcomes blurring associated with
high-speed aircraft

capturing small pixels where the aircraft and camera system
motion causes ‘smearing’

of the imagery across a large number of pixels during each

The first generation Spookfish system is expected to be
operational in early 2016, while the stabilisation technology in this patent will
be key to a second generation system due for commercial release in 2017.