Aussie company develops world-first 3D human tissue printer

An Australian company has developed the world’s first commercial 3D bioprinter, in a major medical breakthrough set to contribute to human organ manufacturing. 

Start-up company Organovo and Melbourne-based Invetech developed the 3D bioprinter, which will help organisations working on tissue construction and organ replacement.

The two companies recently received the Engineering Innovation Award at the Australian Engineering Excellence Awards in Canberra, sponsored by the Australian Government’s AusIndustry.

Watch the companies’ award acceptance speech on the link below:


“Invetech and Organovo are a great example of what innovation can do. For decades the goal of tissue engineers has been to advance beyond simple cell cultures to creating three-dimensional organs. This partnership took just nine months to solve these engineering challenges and design, develop, manufacture and ship the world’s first commercial 3D bioprinter,” said Innovation Minister Senator Kim Carr.

“Australia has world-class research and creative, clever firms. This is a potent combination and the Australian Government is investing more than ever before to use these strengths to drive innovation and secure Australia’s long term prosperity.”

“The Engineering Innovation Award recognises a project’s potential contribution to the national economy and the impact of its R&D. I congratulate Invetech and Organovo.

“AusIndustry sponsors this award to promote and reward world-leading innovation. This sort of creativity is vital to Australia’s future. It drives the economy, creates new opportunities and high wage, high skill jobs.”