Attributes of the ideal employee in today’s manufacturing environment

Just as job skills change, so do the attributes that make up a desirable employee, according to a recent study by Hudson.

The following are some key findings of the survey.

The economy affects what employers look for in employees. While this is obvious on some levels – for example, upgraded skills – it is not so obvious on other fronts.

Over 40% of employers surveyed stated that the difficult economy had changed the attributes that are required for their employees to become “high performers”.

What employers look for in today’s employees are more personality-driven traits like openness to change, flexibility and perseverance.

While it may seem that these are “soft skills” that won’t be given as much weight as “hard skills” like experience and training, the data says otherwise. Employers actively seek soft skills, so much so that they were ranked in the survey.

The vast majority of employers surveyed sought employees who are malleable and open to change; almost 62% believe that this was the most important quality to have.

Ability to handle stress was a distant second, valued by almost half of those surveyed (49.7%). Perseverance was cited as a desirable trait by just over 40%.

One thing that hasn’t changed is that employers want – and value – results. The survey noted that “The only consistent expectation is that individuals achieve outcomes for their employer. High performing employees need to understand what is important to business performance and prioritise it.”

The data suggests that successful employees will be the ones who can marry time-honoured expectations like results, with newly sought after skills like the ones mentioned here.



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