Atmospheric heat pumps to power Coca-Cola vending machines

Coca-Cola Japan, in conjunction with its 12 bottling companies, will implement a new atmospheric heat pump and compressor system to reduce the amount of energy used by its drink vending machines.

The company plans to conduct "energy saving measures by stopping compressor functions" in the peak usage hours this Japanese winter.

It will also consider removing the 24-hour led lights installed in machines located indoors, and has introduced about 150,000 heat pumps in the systems to reduce energy consumption.

Heat pump technology absorbs heat in the atmosphere and transforms this into electrical energy by using a compressor to create energy for heating, and is used in air conditioners and water heaters.

The drinks manufacturer will reportedly implement the technology in its vending machines across Japan from December this year.

Japan has the largest number of vending machines per capita than anywhere else in the world. Coca-Cola’s new system was developed to reduce the energy used by these machines.


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