Atlas Copco releases next generation on-site nitrogen generators featuring PSA technology

Atlas Copco Compressors Australia introduces the NGP+, an enhanced range of on-site nitrogen generators
designed to produce high purity nitrogen.

Featuring PSA technology, the new
generator can simply be plugged into an existing compressed air network to produce
nitrogen with purity up to 99.999 per cent. Integrating the NGP+ generator with
Atlas Copco’s latest compressors can provide the facility an on-site nitrogen
installation offering significant benefits over buying nitrogen in bulk or

Nitrogen gas delivered in
cylinders or bulk liquid is normally associated with the hassles of transport,
handling and administration. By installing on-site nitrogen generators, the
facility can benefit from a more sustainable and cost-efficient solution, which
extracts nitrogen from the surrounding atmosphere in an uncomplicated way. The
NGP+ generator is simply plugged into an existing compressed air installation to
provide an independent, reliable and flexible supply of nitrogen.

The new NGP+ sets new standards
in efficiency in Atlas Copco’s broad range of on-site gas solutions. Sonik
Barot, Product Manager – CNG & Industrial Gas Projects explains that an
on-site nitrogen installation with NGP+ can dramatically increase the customer’s
productivity and lower their energy usage.

When integrated into an
energy-efficient compressed air network, the NGP+ can use up to 50% less energy
than the current industry standard. Operational cost benefits, payback periods of
less than two years, safety benefits with no manual handling of cylinders, and
the endless supply are some of the advantages of on-site nitrogen generation.

The PSA (Pressure Swing
Adsorption) technology involves the use of carbon molecular sieves (CMS) that
adsorb oxygen molecules from compressed air. The NGP+ on-site nitrogen
generator uses high quality CMS to adsorb more oxygen for the same input of compressed

Available in flows from 1.6 l/s
to 172 l/s, the new NGP+ on-site nitrogen generators complement a full range of
on-site gas solutions from Atlas Copco, including nitrogen and oxygen

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