ATE Tankers announces Australian Made Certification

Victorian company ATE Tankers announces that it has been awarded the Australian
Made Certification for its tankers, becoming the only supplier of Certified
Australian Made petroleum road tankers in Australia. All ATE tankers rolling
off production lines will henceforth carry the iconic Australian Made symbol.

ATE Tankers CEO Dan Mejak explains that the Australian Made
Certification recognises the company’s commitment to Australian manufacturing
for the past 15 years. The certification also represents a commitment by ATE
Tankers to retain manufacturing in Australia well into the future and maintain
high standards.

Businesses are required to adhere to a strict code of practice to
achieve the Australian Made Certification, ensuring that all products carrying
the symbol are genuinely Australian made.

For ATE Tankers, the Australian Made Certification is far more than
symbolic as the company has always believed in keeping design and manufacture
under one roof.

According to Chief Design Engineer Paul Wijaya, every client has
different needs and a different vision, necessitating ATE Tankers to purpose
design their tankers to meet specific requirements. To achieve this, the company
needs to be able to control the manufacturing process and the client also needs
to be able to get involved as their investment takes shape.

ATE’s innovations in efficiency incorporate the best of local design and
manufacture while keeping costs low, resulting in unrivalled quality and design
innovation with a price tag that keeps clients happy.

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