Ashton Valley Fresh discusses successful handover

The Ceravolo siblings Joyce
and Joseph have spoken about the inter-generational handover in their third-generation fruit producing business.

ABC Rural reports that
the management handover of Ashton Valley Fresh, a juice manufacturer, has
been smoother than some other similar examples in farm succession.

“I think food really
runs in some people’s blood,” Joyce Ceravolo, 25, a chemical engineer by training,
and Ashton’s quality assurance manager, told the ABC.

“I have a passion for this
that I’ve never had for anything else, and so does my brother.”

Ashton Valley Fresh grows and packs apples, nectarines, pears and cherries, and the bulk of its business
comes from juice manufacturing for cider.

Joyce’s brother Joseph, 22,
is the company’s production manager.

Joyce Ceravolo said the company
was able to compete with cheap imports through a focus on premium products. Her and her brother had overseen changes including in a capacity increase and improvements in enzyme spraying.