ASC patners with two French companies on SEA 1000 submarine works

Naval Group will design and build the Future Submarines based on the reference design of France’s Barracuda submarine. Source:

The Australian naval shipbuilder, ASC, has set out to work with two French companies, FIVA and Endel Engie to support Australia’s Future Submarine fleet, following the signing of agreements in France last week.

The collaboration agreements were signed with submarine designers FIVA and specialist fabricators Endel Engie – both long-time trusted subcontractors to French submarine and shipbuilder Naval Group in France, providing services to submarine programs there.

The agreements are aimed at providing future joint services in South Australia to the Future Submarine project prime contractor, Naval Group Australia.

The Future Submarine Program (SEA 1000) is a future class of submarines for the Royal Australian Navy based on the Shortfin Barracuda proposal by French shipbuilder Naval Group (formerly DCNS) to replace the Collins-class submarines. The class will enter service in the early 2030s with construction extending into the late 2040s to 2050.

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The France-based Groupe FIVA is an international engineering firm that has an established presence in Adelaide in South Australia with FIVA Australia, its Australian subsidiary. Endel Engie is an established supplier of construction and assembly services to Naval Group’s submarine programs in Cherbourg, France.

The collaboration between ASC and FIVA is intended to develop a joint submarine design workforce in Australia with the capability to satisfy Naval Group’s demands for design services in support of the Australian Future Submarine Program.

ASC’s chief executive, Stuart Whiley, welcomed the agreement, which was made during the Euronaval 2018 exhibition in Paris.

“ASC is Australia’s foremost submarine platform company, with significant current design and build-like expertise developed over thirty years working in the heart of the Australian submarine sector,” said Whiley.

“This collaboration between ASC and FIVA creates mutual benefits, with FIVA’s experience providing submarine design services to Naval Group in France and ASC’s experience in submarine platforms in Australia.”

Yannick Vergez, CEO of Groupe FIVA, said that the company was proud to partner with ASC to develop a design workforce for project which is familiar with the design processes, techniques and tools required by Naval Group.

“The 30 years of experience and the current capability of ASC make it a natural ally of FIVA and the services we provide to Naval Group,” Vergez said.

ASC will also collaborate with Endel Engie – a specialised company in industrial maintenance and associated services – on establishing a joint Australian operation to support Naval Group for the design and build of Australia’s future submarine fleet.

Emeric Burin des Roziers, CEO of Endel Engie, said that his company’s agreement opened up new avenues for collaboration with ASC.

“With the support of our colleagues from Engie Services Australia, our presence in Adelaide alongside ASC will enable us to offer Naval Group in Australia our well-known expertise and experience,” he said.

“Our teams will be trained in France and Australia to meet the stringent demands of submarine construction.”

Endel Engie has been a major subcontractor to Naval Group for more than 20 years, in the construction and the maintenance of frigates and submarines to a high level of technical sophistication. Endel Engie is involved in the construction and assembly of several submarines in Cherbourg, working in its areas of expertise, which are mechanics, sheet metal work, piping, welding and handling.


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