Are Your Long Lead Time Drive Components at Risk?

Only a few years ago, the mining boom meant that mining operations in Australia were largely motivated by keeping up with an insatiable demand. Today, companies are instead placing priority on internal strategies to maximise their profitability per tonne of product, with a major focus on reducing costs.

As a result, senior management are recognising the significant links between site-level operational variables and the financial performance of a mine.

In the current economic landscape, achieving higher return on investment per individual mining asset is therefore a key area of growth – placing operational and maintenance practices under the spotlight.

No time for downtime

While equipment breakdowns and unplanned maintenance have long been an accepted part of the industry, mining companies today must do what they can to remove even the smallest risks that may cause unplanned downtime.

No business can afford to be unproductive for long periods of time, especially with associated unplanned downtime costing companies up to $180,000 per incident in lost production. Unplanned downtime can, and should be minimised with the assistance of planned, professional assessments of necessary production equipment.

In the mining industry, this refers to drives, drive components and other mission critical equipment necessary for the continued operation of a mine. This equipment must be reliable, able to function at peak levels for the maximum amount of time possible, and be supported by around-the-clock maintenance and technical service.

In the case of drives and drive components, opting to partner with a local technology supplier that

offers best-in-class solutions engineered specifically for Australian environments and stores large amounts of stock components locally, can offer mining businesses the peace of mind that in the unfortunate event of a breakdown, technical assistance is close at hand.

Local, expert support

SEW-EURODRIVE is a specialist supplier of industrial gears and drives for companies working in Australia’s surface and underground mining sectors. With unlimited access to qualified service technicians, as well as assistance in risk analysis and production planning, mines can benefit from the shortest possible lead times for drive assembly and delivery – helping them return to normal production levels with minimal disruption.

Offering an industry-leading stock of best-in-class components, immediate delivery and repairs, access to qualified engineering support even in remote areas, and comprehensive parts and labour warranties, SEW-EURODRIVE is equipped to meet even the most challenging requirements from companies operating in Australia’s growing mining industry.

For more information on SEW EURODRIVE’s drive and drive components risk analysis offering, download their whitepaper.

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