Are You Prepared for Higher Rates of Holiday Handling?

Another year has almost come and gone, but before it’s completely over, businesses must prepare themselves for the holiday season rush that guarantees higher rates of stock flow, increased levels of handling and higher risk of critical equipment breakdowns, downtime and lost profits.

According to the Australian Retailers Association, about $45 billion was spent in the period leading up to Christmas last year. With up to 60% of sales taking place during tis time of year, it’s an extremely important time for businesses to be capable of handling increased demand.

As shops begin to display Christmas decorations, it’s a good time to ensure you’re your materials handling equipment and staff needs are catered for in preparation for the silly season. Many units are not serviced prior to the rush periods, which can lead to costly breakdowns and downtime effecting production, as well as cause numerous safety issues for workers.

Preparing and planning ahead for the busier handling periods can save time, money and avoid safety risks when they can hurt you the most.

Holiday workers’ safetyCasual hire is cost-effective and helpful during the busier periods that warrant extra materials handling equipment. However young people are often vulnerable to workplace accidents, particularly over the summer holiday season — it is the busiest time of year for some businesses who often forget to properly train recruits about safety procedures, particularly if they are only temporary holiday staff.

To overcome this risk, businesses should be planning now for the influx of new and young workers to their organisations and the consequent WHS implications over the holiday period. This includes ensuring staff levels are up to manage increases if needed, as well as making sure they have the sufficient training, knowledge and skills required.

Service your Materials Handling Equipment – As increased stock flow levels take place during the holiday rush, so too does the stress on your materials handling equipment including forklifts. In order to perform at increased levels, they must be in peak operating condition.

By making sure your forklifts are serviced and in prime working condition, you can reduce your risk of experiencing downtime and resulting profit losses over the lead up to Christmas.  Ensuring that machines are serviced also gives businesses peace of mind in that their equipment is also in safe condition for workers prior to rush period.

Hire Extra Materials Handling Equipment – If you’re already forecasting higher rates of stock flow than your equipment is used to handling, businesses can also hire extra equipment to stay ahead of the game.

Lencrow Materials Handling has you covered

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