Archer, FlexeGRAPH, to develop graphite and graphene advanced materials

In a collaboration between a mining exploration company and a start-up nanofluid company, Australian companies Archer Exploration and FlexeGRAPH have joined hands to develop graphite and graphene advanced materials for  thermal applications in electrical vehicle batteries, internal combustion engines, and high-performance computing systems.

The agreement focuses on advanced materials development, processing, evaluation and characterisation, with particular emphasis on the development of thermal management applications using materials from Archer’s Campoona graphite and grapheme operations.

“This strategic relationship with FlexeGRAPH provides an opportunity for us to integrate our graphite materials with a clear view downstream connecting the sourcing, processing and use of graphite and graphene in high value systems including electrified vehicles and high-power computing,” Archer CEO Dr Mohammad Choucair said.

“Together with FlexeGRAPH we have an opportunity to convert our high-volume Campoona graphite to high-value graphene materials that can impact the automotive and computing industries where thermal management and reliable energy is critical to their widespread use.”

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Archer and FlexeGRAPH will prototype materials using Archer’s graphite into components for integration in energy storage and computing systems, ranging from conventional thermodynamic systems such as internal combustion engines to advanced devices with multiple functionalities such as electric vehicle batteries and high-performance computing. Both raw materials and processed materials will be tested to verify the quality and performance parameters needed to bring these products to market.

FlexeGRAPH have experience in developing advanced graphene-based materials with nano- enhanced products for cooling and heat transfer applications. FlexeGRAPH was founded in Australia in 2017 and produces cooling fluids enhanced with nanomaterials and technology, intended for electrified systems such as batteries as well as high performance computing and data centres. The core technology was developed at the Australian National University and has been patented and exclusively licenced to FlexeGRAPH.

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