Antam to build new ferronickel smelting furnace at Sulawesi

Indonesia’s PT Antam announced last week that it is preparing to build a new electric smelting furnace, ESF-4, at Pomalaa, in Sulawesi Tenggara.

Antam told investors on Friday that the new furnace would replace ESF-1, which has been running since 1976, and has an installed capacity of 18 MW and ferronickel production capacity of 5,500 tonnes of nickel in ferronickel (TNI) per year.

ESF-1 was switched off on the day of the announcement, though Antam says the yearly target of 18,000 TNI will be unaffected.

The new furnace will have an installed capacity of 38 MW and 9.450 TNI per year. The maximum time for construction, according to Antam, is 22 months. The construction time of its supporting Ore Preparation Line-4 is set for 27 months.



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