Ansell to take condom competitor to court

Condom maker Ansell has filed a claim in the Federal Court which argues that competitor Reckitt Benckiser (RB), maker of Durex condoms, has breached a patent.

The AFR reports that Ansell released its SKYN range of condoms in 2008. These products were the first of their kind to be made from polyisoprene instead of latex. They are marketed on the promise that they are thinner and provide a more natural feel.

The company applied for a patent on the condoms in 2008 which was subsequently granted in 2009.

Ansell is claiming in the Federal Court that RB’s RealFeel condoms which were released in 2013 breached several claims in the patent.

Ansell wants the court to order RB to stop selling RealFeel condoms in Australia and is also seeking damages for lost profits.

“The company has made significant R&D [research and development] investments in this technology and related patents and this lawsuit seeks to protect these investments,” Jeyan Heper, General manager of Ansell’s sexual-wellness unit said in a statement.

According to the SMH, Ansell is expected to perform well this year, aided by the devaluation of the Australian dollar.

Ansell is one of several companies with exposure to the improving US economy which are expected to outperform the broader market.

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