Another Bangladesh garment factory disaster

A fire on Tuesday evening outside Dhaka, Bangladesh has killed at least nine workers.

Reuters reports that the cause of the fire at the Aswad Composite Mills garment factory in Gazipur, 40 km north of the capital, is unknown, and about 50 workers have been injured.

The BBC and others have noted the “notoriously poor” safety standards at Bangladeshi textile factories, which contribute to the country’s ranking as the number two exporter of garments, after China.

The incident follows the April 24 disaster that saw over 1,100 killed when a Dhaka garment factory collapsed. This has been called the second-worst industrial accident of all time, after the 1984 Bhopal Union Carbide gas leak in India.

Clothing manufacturing in Bangladesh is estimated to contribute 80 per cent of Bangladesh’s exports, employ 4 million poorly-paid workers, and be conducted in approximately 4,500 factories.

Image: AFP

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