Angle grinder safety tips

WorkSafe Victoria has provided eight top tips for the safe use of angle grinders after two workers have been seriously injured with angle grinders in the past month.

  • Ensure the angle grinder is an appropriate tool for the task
  • Angle grinder attachment must to be appropriate for the task and the materials being worked
  • Angle grinders and their attachments need to be in good working condition
  • Ensure all electrical connections are safe
  • When working with an angle grinder, the work should be performed in the best working zone, this is between the worker’s shoulders and knees
  • Make sure any angle grinder you buy has safety features including an anti-kickback safety clutch and a braking system to stop the wheel quickly
  • Don’t use attachments that are worn or damaged
  • Don’t use if the guard is in the wrong place or not attached at all

To read WorkSafe Victoria Safe Use of Angle Grinders guide, click here.

For more detailed information on angle grinder safety and peventing the misue of angle grinders as saws, go to


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