Anduril to develop autonomous undersea vehicles for Australia


Image credit: Anduril.

Defence has partnered with global tech company Anduril to design and develop extra-large autonomous undersea vehicles (XLAUVs).

Under the collaborative arrangement, Defence scientists, Navy personnel and Anduril robotics specialists will work together to produce three prototype XLAUVs over three years, delivering a manufacture-ready vehicle at the end of 2025.

Anduril will design, develop and manufacture the XL-AUVs in Australia.

“Through this partnership, Anduril Australia will become a major player in the thriving defence industrial base in Australia and contribute to Australia becoming a leading exporter of cutting-edge autonomous capability to the rest of the world,” Anduril Australia executive chairman and CEO David Goodrich said.

Anduril founder, Palmer Luckey, added that there was a clear need for an XL-AUV built in Australia, for Australia.

Chief Defence scientist Professor Tanya Monro said the collaboration was significant, not only for the critical capability it would deliver to Defence, but because it demonstrated how innovative new technology could, should and would be fast-tracked and streamlined to keep pace with a rapidly changing strategic environment.

“We have long recognised in Defence that we need to transition innovative concepts into capability more quickly. That urgency to deliver impact is what shapes our Defence innovation programs, and is the driving force behind More, Together, our 10-year Defence science and technology strategy,” Monro said.

“Our new approach to innovation is all about focus, scale and impact. By partnering shoulder to shoulder with our industry and Navy colleagues to co-develop this critical capability, that is exactly what we’ll achieve.”