AMWU to hold submarines rally in Adelaide

The Australian Manufacturing Workers' Union (AMWU) is set to hold a rally in Adelaide today, demanding a local build of Australia’s next generation submarines.

AAP reports that more than 1,000 shipbuilders will march to the Adelaide office of federal Industry Minister Christopher Pyne.

"The coalition promised to build 12 submarines at ASC in Adelaide," AMWU assistant national secretary Glenn Thompson said.

“Voters and workers expect the government to honour that election promise in order to boost the Australian economy and protect our national security."

However, since the election the Government has stepped back from that promise. It has announced a “competitive evaluation process” to decide on who will build the submarines.

Japan, Germany and France are bidding for the work. Each will outline plans for a local build, an overseas build and a hybrid local/overseas combination.

However, the AMWU views anything but a local build as unacceptable.

"A hybrid job just doesn't cut it. Twelve submarines, locally built here in Adelaide was promised," Thompson said last week.

"A local build is the only way to guarantee the viability of our shipbuilding industry and it makes sense to invest in the Australian economy and local jobs."

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