Ampcontrol to cut jobs

Ampcontrol and the Electrical Trades Union say they are cooperating to minimise the effects of job cuts at the company due to the mining slowdown.

Ampcontrol is expected to cut between 30 and 40 jobs in the Hunter, it was reported last Friday, with the ETU suggested that there may be further redundancies announced in five to six weeks.

Russell Wilson from the ETU said that the cuts will be made on Wednesday, and the number of jobs shed could be known as soon as today.

"No matter how you try to paint the picture, it's not pleasant whichever way you do it,” he told the ABC. He also said the company had been cooperative and offered assistance including resume advice to workers.

Ampcontrol, which began in 1968 and has been expanding aggressively in recent years, may have been too enthusiastic in acquiring other businesses, suggested the union.

‘‘We asked them whether they had grown too fast and paid too much for some of their assets but they said they were all bought at bargain basement prices, had helped them diversify and had added value to the company,’’ Wilson told the Newcastle Herald last Friday.