AMGC releases new Manufacturing with Rosie learning module

Manufacturing with Rosie

AMGC learning module, Manufacturing with Rosie.

The Advanced Manufacturing Growth Centre (AMGC) has expanded its Manufacturing Academy to incorporate a new learning module, titled Manufacturing with Rosie. 

The seven-part module provides an overview of manufacturing opportunities in Australia and details the six National Manufacturing Priorities. 

The self-guided Manufacturing with Rosie modules covers the topics of the State of Australian Manufacturing, Space, Defence, Clean Energy & Recycling, Critical Minerals and Processing Technology, Food & Beverage and Medical Products. Each module draws on AMGC’s understanding of Australian manufacturing and presents the information in an accessible way. 

Dr Rosemary Barnes, an Australian STEM (Science, Technology, Mathematics and Engineering) and engineering advocate, will share the existing opportunities within the six National Manufacturing Priorities, and how to take advantage of the investment available through the federal government. 

“Partnering with Rosie presented us with the perfect opportunity to capture her enthusiasm and experience in STEM, to highlight how manufacturers can play a role in being part of the new manufacturing priorities,” AMGC managing director Dr Jens Goennemann said. 

Barnes is a qualified mechanical engineer who presents on engineering topics concerning clean and renewable energy. Via her YouTube channel titled Engineering with Rosie, Barnes aims to better educate people on the opportunities and impact of sound engineering on manufacturing. 

“There is nothing more satisfying to me as seeing a good idea turn into a good physical product,” Barnes said. 

“I aim to show my audience how engineering works, what kinds of problems exist and how STEM can address these challenges. My hope is that my audience gets better at thinking like an engineer and develops informed opinions about how technologies are likely to develop and assist us.” 

“AMGC’s Manufacturing Academy is doing important work in educating Australians about how manufacturing is growing local opportunities. Manufacturing is present anywhere something is being made and the six priority areas we detail in the series have significant potential to fuel Australia’s prosperity in the future.” 

Manufacturing with Rosie is live via AMGC’s free, accessible and trusted Manufacturing Academy learning platform. Manufacturing with Rosie distills the federal government’s six National Manufacturing Priorities into a single, one-hour series. This complements the hours of case studies and videos already available on the platform. 

To register, explore and learn more about Manufacturing with Rosie and Australia’s manufacturing industry, visit 

Engineering with Rosie can be accessed via Barnes’ YouTube channel at 

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