AMGC at NMW 2018

National Manufacturing Week is the largest annual gathering of Australia’s manufacturing community and returns to Sydney in May 2018. This three-day event promises inspiration, advice and connections for the thriving sector.

The opening morning of 9 May is not to be missed. Dr Stephanie Fahey, CEO, Austrade, will deliver the opening keynote at 10.20 AM. Followed by
 a panel moderated by Advanced Manufacturing Growth Centre (AMGC) managing  director, Dr Jens Goennemann, in conversation with some of the country’s most innovative manufacturers.

Titled Innovation Stories, the discussion will involve businesses who are taking on the world in a diverse set of areas. The panel features Australian disruptors in sustainable eyewear (Dresden Optics), 3D printing for auto repair (Plastfix), industrial monitoring (Movus) and engineering solutions (Evolve Group and Austeng). This takes place at 10.40 am at the Industry 4.0 Theatre.

For those interested in what Industry 4.0, the fourth industrial revolution, means, and how to future-proof their business, the AMGC and the Innovative Manufacturing CRC are hosting free marketplace workshops each morning from 7.30 am.

A convergence of the cyber and physical worlds is reshaping workplaces, and the consensus among experts is that companies ignoring this do so
at their peril. The marketplace workshops will help attendees benchmark their current capabilities with an online tool, gaining a personalised report and advice on how to digitalise their production and business models. It is the perfect place for those who are curious about Industry 4.0, but don’t know where to begin.

Joining the fourth industrial revolution will be a popular topic at NMW 2018. Being competitive on the world stage means getting on board; according to a 2016 PwC survey, 72 per cent of industrial companies surveyed expect to achieve high levels of digitisation within five years, compared to 33 per cent at the time.

The issue is particularly relevant in terms of lifting competitiveness. According to AMGC’s Sector Competitiveness Plan, Australian manufacturing labour productivity is at a level of 60 – 65 per cent of the international benchmark. According to the report, studies in international contexts have indicated potential productivity gains of up to 25 per cent in excess of conversion costs, and an overall gain of 5 – 8 per cent from the adoption of Industry 4.0 technology.

Manufacturers wanting advice on how the compete and win on
 the world stage will have access to top government experts at NMW. Represented will be Austrade, EFIC (financial help when banks refuse), the Entrepreneurs’ Programme, the Centre for Defence Industry Capability, the Innovative Manufacturing CRC, Defence Materials Technology Centre and the AMGC.

NMW is unmissable for manufacturers looking to extend the industry’s current growth streak, and to unlock the next wave of productivity gains through advanced technologies and processes.



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