AMGC and Incat Crowther to advance local ship-manufacturing

Photo: Incat Crowther

The Advanced Manufacturing Growth Centre (AMGC) will collaborate with Incat Crowther to advance Australia’s ship-manufacturing sector. Incat Crowther is also the 1000th member of AMGC’s manufacturer network.

“Incat Crowther is pleased to join AMGC at a time when manufacturing across the globe is evolving to become more advanced and nowhere is this more evident than in Australia,” Incat Crowther’s technical director, Dr Andrew Tuite said.

“AMGC is assisting us as we transform the traditional shipbuilding industry into a smart-ship manufacturing sector to meet the challenges of developing bespoke ships for unique operating environments.”

Advanced ship manufacturing is a flexible, agile business model that meets the demands of market fluctuations, new technology and innovation, regulatory changes and the requirement by the ship operator, for quality control processes and build cost efficiencies

Incat Crowther specialises in the manufacture of ships across commercial, military and private yacht sectors, locally and abroad. It currently has 82 ships under construction in 17 countries, ranging in length from 20 – 125 metres.

“Since our foundation, AMGC has been able to build an enviable network of Australian manufacturers who are actively engaged in advancing their industry and workforce skills, and we welcome Incat Crowther to our membership base,” AMGC’s managing director, Dr Jens Goennemann, said.

“Over the past four years, AMGC has had the privilege of working across a multitude of sectors. When it comes to advanced manufacturing AMGC uncovers and fosters great examples of Australian manufacturing capabilities to rival any country.

“While all the right signals are there, Australian manufacturers can do more to embrace advanced manufacturing principles. We aim to build an Australian manufacturing industry that is highly skilled and resilient, that competes on value not cost and that manufactures some of the world’s best products,” said Dr Goennemann.

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