AMGC connects with ever-growing Western Australia membership base

AMGC has 30-plus Western Australian members involved in sectors such as additive manufacturing and drones.

Manufacturing in Western Australia has been closely linked to the mining, oil and gas, and agriculture sectors.

The demand for technology-intensive products from these sectors has long facilitated the advancement of capabilities in research and development, technical and business services, and education and training.

However, the manufacturing industry in WA is growing and diversifying, ensuring that it is no longer reliant solely on the resources sector.

For instance, Advanced Manufacturing Growth Centre (AMGC) has 30-plus WA members involved in sectors as diverse as construction, gardening products, warehouse storage and logistics, additive manufacturing, Internet of Things services, health, drones, electric vehicles.

This was witnessed recently during a visit by AMGC managing director Jens Goennemann who visited Perth in late February to connect with AMGC’s ever-growing local membership base at a working lunch.

While in Perth, Jens toured the facilities of Davies Wear Plate Systems, which is the company undertaking the first AMGC co-funded project in WA.

He met with a variety of industry stakeholders, including the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Western Australia and several local manufacturing companies.

In conjunction with intellectual property specialists Wrays, AMGC recently hosted a working lunch in Perth that was attended by 40 people.

With the theme of Commercialisation, the event focused on everything from streamlining the commercialisation process and capitalising on disruptive techniques, through to protecting intellectual property rights.

Wrays principal Albert Ferraloro explained how vital it is to leverage intellectual property rights to facilitate successful commercialisation and mitigate volatility.

Goennemann provided an overview of the Australian government’s Industry Growth Centre Initiative, and how Australian manufacturers can best utilise its resources to become more advanced.

The panelists were asked many questions from the audience, with attendees keen to discuss the opportunities currently available within Australian manufacturing.

AMGC state director of WA Angela Doyle said member events are designed to bring together people and organisations operating within the WA manufacturing industry who may not otherwise get to meet each other and collaborate.

“People are doing amazing things inside their own premises all across Perth but, oftentimes, they’re not aware of what other manufacturers and companies are working on that could related to their innovation needs.

“Amazing synergies occur as a result of AMGC’s events. AMGC members quickly realise that the products, services and knowledge of other members could help their own business succeed,” said Doyle.