AME Australia to host Lean expert, Paul Akers, at 2019 conference

One of Australia’s premier industry organisations, the Association for Manufacturing Excellence (AME) will be hosting internationally acclaimed Lean expert, Paul Akers as the keynote speaker at the 2019 “Empowering Organisational Change and Transformation” two-day conference –which is to be held at the William Angliss Conference Centre in Melbourne from 7 to 8 May 2019.

The AME is a not-for-profit organisation, run by volunteers solely for the benefit of its members. Our vision is to be recognised as the leading association for operational excellence, which we aim to achieve by bringing together like-minded individuals who are seeking to improve both themselves and, by extension, the businesses that they work for. To this end the AME facilitates and promotes shared experiential and practical learning events e.g. Site visits, workshops, networking meetings etc, for their members.

Another primary objective of the AME is to bring over to Australia internationally renowned experts and thought leaders in Operational and Business Excellence, experts such as Paul Akers, in order to provide low cost, affordable learning opportunities for Australian practitioners and the companies they represent.

With that in mind our 2019 conference will explore the most successful and effective business practices that improvement practitioners can employ in order
to promote and facilitate change at all levels of their organisation. Our conference theme “Empowering Organisational Change and Transformation”, Leading through Excellence and Innovation 2019 will help attendees to:

  • Understand how the magic of Lean, and other continuous improvement methodologies, can without doubt radically improve a business, no matter how diverse the application may seem at first glance.
  • Understand, identify and overcome the barriers to change management.
  • Develop new ways of thinking.
  • Increase engagement amongst team members.
  • Develop a thriving continuous improvement philosophy and culture.
  • Empower team members to contribute in ways they never thought were possible
  • Learn how innovative and intelligent technologies can be used by their enterprise today.
  • Learn how innovation and technology are successfully automating business operations in order to drive revenue and reduce operating costs.

Who is Paul Akers?

Anyone who knows anything about “Lean Thinking” knows the name Paul Akers. He clearly demonstrates a passion for helping other people to discover their full potential and learn how to deploy Lean thinking within their organisation.

Paul is an energetic speaker, over the last 15 years of his Lean journey, his passion has been promoting Lean, and helping people from all over the world apply continuous improvement methodologies. By teaching people how to implement Lean thinking both in their own businesses and personal lives, he believes that he can help them reach their full potential.

Paul is also the founder and president of FastCap LLC, a company based in Ferndale, WA. FastCap is an international product development company that was founded in 1997 and has over 2000 distributors worldwide. Born and raised in Southern California, Paul was drawn towards excellence and high standards from an early age. By the age of 15, he had built his own guitar and in doing so got the attention of guitar designer Bob Taylor, who went on to mentor and eventually employ Paul at Taylor Guitars. As a true American innovator, Taylor made a long-lasting impression on Paul, through his involvement in the building of over 2000 world class musical instruments.

Lean expert, Pauk Akers, has a passion for teaching about deploying Lean thinking within organisations.
Lean expert, Pauk Akers, has a passion for teaching about deploying Lean thinking within organisations.


That experience catapulted Paul into the business world where his knack for problem solving led him to invent, and eventually own a manufacturing business that started in his garage. After numerous twists and turns, he discovered Lean and the Toyota Production System (TPS), which helped launch his business from his garage into the successful internationally renowned product development company known as

FastCap. By using Lean, FastCap prospered and expanded, even in times of economic downturn. Paul is proud to say that he has never had to lay off a single employee or cut one salary and he currently offers the highest entry level pay rate of any business in the region.

With thousands of followers for his weekly broadcast, “The American Innovator,” Paul teaches about the power of innovation and Lean thinking. He shares with everyone his insights and observations, along with some amazing photography/ videography that is taken from his travels around the world. Paul has also written three books “Two- Second Lean”, “Lean Travel” and “Lean Healt”’, and he commands a huge social media following, posting blogs and YouTube clips almost daily with more than 130,000 viewers. In short, anyone around the world who knows Lean now knows the name Paul Akers.

In 2010, Paul ran for the U.S. Senate in Washington State on a Lean platform of transforming government by empowering people. After the election, he continued to work with various government agencies teaching them about Lean thinking and then helping create a Lean culture within numerous government organisations throughout the country.

I am sure that you will agree that the 2019 AME Conference on “Empowering Organisational Change and Transformation”, staring Paul Akers, is a conference not to be missed. So, why not put the date in your diary now. We look forward to seeing next May.