Almost 4 out of 5 of Australian organisations to adopt IoT by 2019

A new Aruba report, The Internet of Things: Today and Tomorrow, reveals that by 2019, 77 per cent of Australian organisations will have some form of Internet of Things (IoT) infrastructure in place.

The study also shows that currently only one in two Australian IoT connected businesses are using this data to improve business processes and decision-making.

The research also found that although 97% of the 1,150 respondents from the Asia Pacific region (Australia, China, India, Japan, Singapore, and South Korea) have an understanding of IoT, many are still unclear of the exact definition of IoT and the value it brings to their organisations.

Aruba general manager south pacific, Anthony Smith, said that business uptake of IoT will be faster than government sector uptake. 

“With the benefits of IoT surpassing expectations, especially across the dimensions of innovation, efficiency, profitability and security, it’s no surprise that the business world will move towards mass adoption by 2019. But with many executives unsure of how to apply IoT to their business, those who succeed in implementing a secure IoT strategy are well positioned to gain a competitive advantage.

“At a global level, IoT adoption in the government sector, for example, is the slowest industry to implement IoT. I believe there will be significant benefit in doing so for Australian organisations in both the government and business industry. However, it will take time and organisations may need help getting there.”

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