Alexium develops fire retardant chemical package

Alexium International Group Limited has developed another halogen-free treatment package to flame retard standard polyester fabrics in non-apparel applications.

The new fire retardant chemical package will be rolled out under the brand name Hometex.

Alexium has developed a solution that overcomes many of the technical limitations of fire retardant polyesters (FRPs). The treatment is compatible with further topical treatments such as water/oil repellence or antimicrobial treatments while providing durable (50+ wash) FR performance.

“Customers demand these multi-functional fabric properties in home and contract textile applications, but FRPs have been unable to meet the demand for multifunctional treatments,” said Dr. Bob Brookins, Head of Research and Development for Alexium.

He added that the treatment package offers the capacity to work with a full colour/design pallet of conventional polyester fabrics. This contrasts with existing FRP fabrics which are limited to a smaller colour/design range.

Textiles made from these FRP fibres are permanently flame retardant due to the modification of the chemical structure of the synthetic (polyester) fibre. The resulting FRP fabric does not burn and will meet a number of industry fire protection standards.

However, FRP fabrics have been limited to non-apparel application, because they do not produce a protective char once burned. Despite their shortcomings, FRP fabrics are used widely in industry.