AISC’s new training package for pharma manufacturing businesses

The Australian Industry and Skills Committee (AISC) has introduced a new training package to ensure VET meets the needs of industry by having industry involved in training development. The AISC is advised by industry, and MTPConnect and pharmaceutical firm IDT Australia have been working with the AISC to develop the new pharma sector training package that replaces the existing training package, which had its last update in 1999.

According to the AISC, this new nationally recognised training will save pharmaceutical manufacturing businesses time and money by allowing employees to transfer basic skills between companies. Once implemented, it is understood that companies won’t have to re-train employees in the fundamentals needed to adhere to strict requirements (e.g. US FDA; TGA) to maintain Good Manufacturing Practice certification.

Paul MacLeman, CEO of IDT Australia, says the new qualification will cut down employee induction time by two to four weeks in his business. More broadly, this will afford businesses more time and money to invest in developing new products and manufacturing techniques.

MacLeman said, ” Our sector is rapidly evolving and we need a way to tailor training quickly.”

Dr Mel Thomson, general manager education, skills and events at MTP Connect added, “A refreshed national training package will allow the work force more ‘portability’ of skills, giving workers the ability to transfer and take up new opportunities.”

The new training package is expected to go operational in 2018.

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