Airbag manufacturer cooperating with NT police during crash investigation

Car owners have been urged to check whether their vehicle has been recalled for repair after a woman reportedly suffered serious injuries from metal fragments in her airbag.

Takata is working with Northern Territory Police as part of an investigation into an incident involving a Toyota RAV4.

The vehicle was equipped with a Takata airbag, which was subject to a worldwide recall by the manufacturer in 2015, according to The Motor Report (TMR).

Sergeant Mark Casey confirmed that the crash “would not have caused this level of injury” in normal circumstances.

“Investigations have revealed the vehicle was the subject of a worldwide recall for faulty airbag manufacture in 2015,” he reportedly said.

“The recall involved approximately 100 million vehicles around the world, including 2.1 million vehicles in Australia.”

This is the first Takata-related injury in Australia, Toyota confirmed with TMR, adding that the manufacturer is “cooperating with Northern Territory Police in their investigation”.

The report also explained that nitrate propellant used in airbag inflators supplied by Takata “is susceptible to chemical instability from moisture damage that may occur in humid conditions”, which can cause the airbag to “explode in an uncontrolled fashion”.

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