Ai Group urges next Queensland government to think about manufacturing

The Australian Industry Group (Ai Group) has prepared a document called ‘Resourcing the Future‘ for the incoming Queensland government, providing policy recommendations to support the manufacturing industry in Queensland.  

The recommendation, ahead of the election on 24 March, suggests policies that address the economic imbalances associated with the resources boom in Queensland, which is one of Australia’s largest mining states.

The Ai Group suggests a number of measures that “chart a sensible path for sustaining a diverse economy and driving improved productivity,” said Ai Group Queensland director, Matthew Martyn-Jones. 

"The past 18 months have been particularly challenging for the non-resource related sectors of industry with manufacturing, tourism and education all feeling the strains of the high Australian dollar.

"These sectors are large employers and contribute significantly to the economy. Governments need to play their part in the management of the impacts of the boom on these critical sectors.”

Recommendations include: continued infrastructure investment, including maintaining a pipeline of major infrastructure projects; addressing the State’s “significant red tape burden”; and ensuring government spending is “as efficient as possible and reducing the size of the public sector to a more sustainable level”.

Ai Group also recommends stronger investment in skills for non-resource sectors, improved literacy in the workforce, and a State-wide innovation policy to drive productivity. 

"Queensland industry would like to see policy-makers look to the long term and invest strategically in supporting a diversified economy. Critical to this is strong leadership on innovation and focus on boosting the State’s productivity," Martyn-Jones said.