Ai Group Ten Point Plan advises urgent action on manufacturing

Australian Industry Group has released its Ten Point Plan for economic growth.

The plan had
been presented to the federal government prior to the release and suggests a
return to balanced budgets is desirable, but doesn’t need to happen until the end of the decade.

cuts would add to the stresses already faced by the manufacturing industry.

The industry has “been squeezed and sapped by high costs, the
high dollar and low productivity growth,” said Ai Group CEO Innes Willox in a statement.

“Our concern is that in the rush to get the Federal
Government Budget in order, measures and programs supporting innovation,
capability building and skills development will be cut at a time when extra
effort is critical.”

rebalancing of the economy and a repositioning of manufacturing for growth were
needed in response to the decline in mining investment.

priorities addressed in the plan are below.

·  Consolidation of Government Budgets

·  Investing
in Infrastructure

·  Removing
Key Workplace Relations Roadblocks

·  Boosting
Workforce Skills

·  Building
Innovation and Business Capabilities

·  Lifting
Manufacturing Performance

·  Successful
Transition for Automotive Manufacturing

·  Reducing
Regulatory Burdens

·  Reforming
Energy Markets

·  Reducing Emissions and Meeting the Renewable
Energy Target at Least Cost

read the Ai Group’s paper, click here.


Image: News Corp