Ai Group: put Fair Work laws to the Productivity Commission

Australian Industry Group would like the Abbott government to act on its policy to put the Fair Work Act to a Productivity Commission Review.

The Australian Financial Review reports that, following the signing of the China
Free Trade Agreement signing, the Ai Group said it was time to consider what
could be done to address labour costs and productivity.

executive Innes Willox said the time to act was now.

“They’ve done a lot
of preparatory work and they’re just ready to go,” he told The AFR.

“The danger is that
it will get tied up in the next election campaign and we need a sensible debate
well before then.”

Willox, who has said
the FTA delivered mixed results for the industry, said that labour costs and
productivity needed to be addressed.

Wages growth,
according to recent figures, is currently at 2.6 per cent annualised. This is the
slowest rate in 17 years.


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