Ai Group, others reject Labor MP’s Ballarat manufacturing job losses figure

A local
state MP’s claim of local manufacturing job losses has been questioned by the
Australian Industry Group and others.

“In the three months to May this year, there were over 1000
manufacturing jobs lost in the Ballarat region,” said Ballarat West Labor member Sharon Knight earlier this week.

“When a region loses 2,000 full time manufacturing jobs in
just the last year, you know there is a problem.”

The Ballarat Courier reports that the Ai Group’s regional
manager Kay Macaulay and others have questioned the accuracy of the statement.

There had been 1,000 industry jobs lost in the last two to three
years, Macauley said. However, there was no evidence to support Macaulay’s figure for the three months to May, which the MP
said was based on ABS data. 

Western District Employment Access also questioned
the Knight’s accuracy.

“Over the past couple of years
there’s been a significant downturn in the industry sector but, in saying that,
manufacturing is still a major employer in the region and contributes
significantly to the local economy,” Macaulay told The Courier.

“They’ve (manufacturing companies)
gone through the pain of shedding people. Now they’re looking at how to
transition into others areas to see how their business will be viable going

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