Agricultural chemical products manufacturer Rygel enters administration

Agricultural chemical products manufacturer Rygel Australia has been placed into administration due to internal company structure issues rather than external economic influences, according to a report by Smart Company.

The Victorian-based company was placed into administration on November 25. The company develops manufacturers and distributes agricultural chemical and adjuvants/surfactants specifically designed for the Australian environment.

Rygel product range includes: wetting agents (spreaders); penetration aids; retention agents; activators; compatibility aids; buffers and water conditioners; marking foams; marking dyes; soil humectants and penetrants; environmentally friendly products; and spray equipment cleaners.

The company’s range of special purpose adjuvants for use in the Horticulture, Viticulture and Ornamental plant industries includes: special purpose wetting and spreading agents; agents to assist in improvement of ‘fruit finish’; and low phytotoxicity and environmentally friendly products

These products were designed to provide outstanding wetting, spreading and retention of spray droplets on difficult to wet surfaces. According to the company, they are highly effective at low use rates and are safe to use on sensitive high value crops.

The company distributes its products to the Australian, New Zealand and Pacific markets and claims to have a turnover of approximately $7.4 million in the 2011 financial year.

Image: Rygel Australia