Agility Robots develops bipedal robot for logistics

Agility Robots' Cassie robot (Digital Trends)

American firm, Agility Robots, has launched a bipedal robot, ‘Cassie’, it claims will change the logistics industry.

The company believes that it will be able to deliver goods and do grocery shopping cheaper and more efficiently

The company secured a 16-month, US$1 million (A$1.3 million) grant from the US Department of Defence to develop Cassie.

Agility Robotics chief technology officer Jonathan Hurst said that robots can do some tasks better than humans themselves.

“This technology will simply explode at some point, when we create vehicles so automated and robots so efficient that deliveries and shipments are almost free,” Hurst said.

“Quite simply, robots with legs can go a lot of places that wheels cannot. This will be the key to deliveries that can be made 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, by a fleet of autonomous vans that pull up to your curb, and an on-board robot that delivers to your doorstep.

Hurst says the robot would “free” people from weekend shopping chores, reduce energy use, and give consumers more leisure. 

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