Aerospace composites manufacturer steps up, passes 100 JSF parts in September

Image: The Australian

Composite technology company Quickstep Holdings has announced that it has passed a 100-part a month milestone, producing 108 parts in September for the Joint Strike Fighter.

CEO and managing director David Marino said the company had scaled to that level quicker than anticipated, and produced 590 parts in total last financial year.

“We are now well-positioned and have confirmed our capacity and capability to meet further JSF ramp-up,” Marino said in a statement.

“This performance has led to increased orders with our current customers, proving Quickstep’s ability to deliver additional contract volume.”

The company’s aerospace business (it also produces automotive composite parts) is making capital investments this year to boost capacity.

Quickstep produces 21 JSF components to Northrop Grumman, as well as vertical tail components for BAE Systems and Marand Precision Engineering.

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