Advanced manufacturers’ needs misunderstood by government: ANCA boss

The co-founder of leading advanced manufacturer ANCA has said the government’s approach to the sector is not well focussed.

Pat Boland of machine tool specialist ANCA told The Australian Financial Review that programmes such as the Cooperative Research Centre were wastefully run, and there wasn’t enough consideration given to the fact that technology came second to what drove demand for products.

"There's a lot of talk about additive manufacturing, 3D printing and so on, and to me that's a solution looking for a problem," Boland told The AFR.

"I don't want to knock it but it's not a driver.

He also said measures such as competitive R&D grants and incentives to invest in costly new machinery would be more practical.

ANCA employs around 950 worldwide and is headquartered in Bayswater North, Victoria.

Ninety-eight per cent of the cutting and grinding tool makers it produces are exported.

This year the company formally opened its new European headquarters in Weinheim, Germany, and won Manufacturers’ Monthly’s Endeavour Awards for Manufacturer of The Year and Australian Industrial Product of The Year.

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